Owen Freeman of Moline Senior High School is Committed to the Iowa Hawkeyes

Owen Friedman, a rising basketball star from Bradley, Illinois, is making waves in the Midwest basketball scene. With his towering height of six feet ten inches and his impressive family background in basketball, Owen is a force to be reckoned with on the court. Currently attending Moline Senior High School near the Illinois-Iowa border, Owen is using his final prep season to further develop his skills before college. Known for his dominant presence in the low post, Owen utilizes his 220-pound frame to score points effortlessly. However, he's also working on expanding his abilities to become a versatile player at the college level. Owen's dedication and talent have caught the attention of colleges, and he has committed to playing for the Iowa Hawkeyes next year. With his personal connection to the team and belief in the coaching staff and players, Owen sees Iowa as the perfect fit for his future. As a potential early contributor for the Hawkeyes, Owen's skills in the low post make him a valuable asset to the team. With his determination and commitment to improving, Owen is ready to make an impact on college basketball and continue his rise to success.