All-American Brandon Garrison of Del City Will Make an Early Impact at Oklahoma State

Meet Brandon Garrison, a rising star from Del City High School who is making waves in the world of high school sports. Standing tall at six feet nine inches, Garrison is an all-American athlete known for his remarkable athleticism and versatility on the court. With the agility of a guard, he seamlessly transition between offense and defense, ready to make game-changing plays. As a committed recruit for Oklahoma State, Garrison's talent has garnered attention from all corners. He has even been honored as a McDonald's All-American and played a crucial role in securing a gold medal for the USA basketball U18 team last summer. Back at Del City, he led the Eagles to a state championship in his sophomore season and is determined to leave as a champion this year. Although already excelling in shot-blocking and athleticism, Garrison is not one to rest on his laurels. He is fully committed to refining his offensive skills and has been putting in the hard work to improve his dribbling and shooting abilities. This dedication to constant growth showcases his unwavering determination to make a significant impact at the college level and beyond.