Caleb Foster of Notre Dame High School Looks Forward to Returning Home to Play for Duke

Meet Caleb Foster, a rising star in high school basketball from Sherman Oaks, California. With his incredible skills on the court, Caleb has become one of the top guards in the 2023 class, capturing the attention of basketball enthusiasts nationwide. Drawing inspiration from NBA stars Devin Booker and Steph Curry, Caleb is known for his scoring ability and playmaking skills. Recently, Caleb made a game-changing decision to transfer from Oak Hill Academy to Notre Dame High School for his senior year. This move not only provides him with the opportunity to work with NBA trainers like Chris Johnson but also fuels his ambition for growth and development. Caleb is wholeheartedly dedicated to refining his skills and taking his game to new heights. Hailing from the basketball-rich state of Charlotte, North Carolina, Caleb proudly represents the incredible players who have emerged from this area. His journey is sure to inspire and captivate basketball fans as they witness the remarkable talent and endless potential of this young star. Stay tuned for more amazing highlights from Caleb Foster as he continues to shine on the basketball court.