Christian Hammond of Dream City Christian is an Under-the-Radar Point Guard Committed to Santa Clara

Christian Hammond, a talented point guard, is making waves in the basketball world as an under-the-radar prospect. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Hammond is spending his senior season at Dream City Christian in Glendale, Arizona. Hailing from a basketball family, with parents and two brothers who also excel in the sport, Hammond has found inspiration and mentorship in his older brother Julian, who plays for the University of Colorado. Motivated by his brother's success, Christian has set out to make his own mark on the court. Standing at an impressive six feet three inches, Hammond is known for his remarkable scoring abilities, averaging a solid 20 points per game and shooting an impressive 43% from three-point range during his time at Colorado Prep. While he considers himself a scoring guard, Hammond also prides himself on his leadership skills, setting an example both on and off the court. With several reputable schools, including TCU, UC Santa Barbara, Washington State, and Santa Clara, expressing interest in him, Hammond's future in basketball looks promising.