Arizona Commits Breya Cunningham and Jada Williams Lead La Jolla Country Day in California

Meet Brea Cunningham and Jada Williams, the dynamic duo of basketball from La Jolla Country Day School in San Diego. These talented athletes, both committed to Arizona, are national top 25 players in their class. Brea dominates the court with her impressive inside game, standing at an impressive six-foot-four, while Jada confidently leads as a skilled point guard, captivating the team with her swagger. Not only do they effortlessly connect on the court, anticipating each other's moves, but their off-court friendship and connection are equally strong. Together, they form an ideal inside-outside combination that is sure to leave their opponents in awe. La Jolla Country Day School has its eyes set on the championship this year, and with Brea and Jada as the frontrunners, success is within reach. The duo is fueled by their determination to prove themselves after falling short last year. Their dedication to their craft was further reinforced when they won a gold medal with USA basketball at the U-17 World Cup in Hungary, a life-changing experience that reminded them of the importance of hard work, teamwork, and seizing opportunities. Join us in witnessing the remarkable journey of Brea and Jada as they strive for basketball greatness.