Joseph Tugler of Cy Falls High School is Staying Home to Play for the Houston Cougars

Joseph "JoJo" Tugler, a rising basketball star from Cypress Falls High School in Houston, is making a name for himself on the court. Standing at an impressive 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 215 pounds, JoJo has developed a reputation as an exceptional rebounder. However, he is determined to showcase his versatility to college scouts, displaying his skills as both a big man and a guard. His hard work has paid off, as he is ranked in the top 100 nationally for the 2023 class and has received scholarship offers from reputable schools like TCU, Tulsa, Houston, and Kansas State. JoJo is looking for a stable college program that can support his growth both athletically and academically. In a heartwarming gesture, he has decided to stay close to home and commit to playing for the Houston Cougars. Watch this captivating video to witness Joseph "JoJo" Tugler's remarkable talent and potential as he rises to become one of the most promising basketball players in the nation. Learn about his journey from Cypress Falls High School to catching the attention of college scouts with his impressive rebounding skills and determination to excel in multiple positions. Discover why JoJo's decision to commit to the Houston Cougars is not only a testament to his commitment to the game but also a heartwarming choice to stay connected to his roots. Don't miss out on witnessing JoJo's stunning athleticism and his pursuit of success on and off the court.