Zach Hodskins - Milton High School - Highlights/Interview

Meet Zack Hodgkin, a senior basketball player at Milton High School in Alpharetta, Georgia. Despite being born without a left hand, Zack has become one of the best shooters in the state, inspiring athletes across the nation. His incredible journey and achievements on the court are a testament to his strong faith and positive attitude, which have allowed him to overcome any obstacles in his path. Zack's amazing story has gained recognition from college programs, with his highlight video on YouTube racking up over 3 million views. He has also been featured in USA Today, solidifying his status as a rising star in high school sports. Looking ahead, Zack dreams of playing college basketball and becoming a motivational speaker, inspiring younger generations to believe that anything is possible. Don't miss out on watching the inspiring video showcasing Zack's determination and resilience.