Budda Baker - Bellevue Running Back/Safety - Highlights/Interview

Bellevue High School, located near Seattle, Washington, is renowned for having one of the most dominant high school football programs in the area. With an impressive record of 110 state titles in the last 12 seasons, the Bellevue Wolverines are determined to continue their winning streak this year. A standout player to keep an eye on is Budda Baker, an exceptional running back and safety whose skills played a vital role in Bellevue's 2012 championship victory. Baker thrives in being part of such a powerhouse program, despite the immense pressure to maintain the team's success. He and his teammates fully embrace the challenge and are fueled by the desire to add more trophies to their collection. Baker's game-breaking speed on the field never fails to electrify the crowd, but he also takes pride in motivating his fellow teammates during practice sessions. With Baker leading the way, the Bellevue Wolverines are expected to be a formidable force not just in Washington but potentially even in the entire country this season. In conclusion, Bellevue High School's football program has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Budda Baker's exceptional talent and dedication, along with his ability to inspire his teammates, make him a true standout player. The Bellevue Wolverines are eager to build on their impressive track record and are poised to be one of the top teams in Washington, if not the entire nation, in the upcoming season.