Clifton Garrett - Plainfield South Linebacker - Highlights/Interviews

Introducing Clifton Garrett, the rising star of Chicago football! This 6'2, 225-pound powerhouse from Plainfield South High School is making serious waves on the field. With one powerful hit, he can completely change the momentum of a game, drawing comparisons to legends like Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, and Brian Urlacher. Despite starting football late, Clifton's dedication and natural athleticism have brought him to the top of his game. From an early age, Clifton's incredible athletic ability was evident. Born to a minor league baseball player, he quickly grasped the sport and made a significant impact with his physical nature. His passion for the game shines through his dedicated study of techniques used by linebacking greats like Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis, and Mike Singletary. With his sights set on playing college football, Clifton is ready to take his skills to the next level. Don't miss this opportunity to witness history in the making!