Tyreke Smith - Cleveland Heights Defensive End - Highlights/Interview

Tyreke Smith's football journey has been filled with obstacles and triumphs. After experiencing concussions in grade school, he took a break from the sport and focused on basketball. However, coaches at Cleveland Heights High School recognized his potential and encouraged him to give football another try. With their guidance and emphasis on technique, Tyreke felt confident enough to return to the field. Despite being relatively new to the game at this level, he has already gained recognition as one of the country's top defensive end prospects. Measuring at 6'3" to 6'4" and weighing between 250 and 260 pounds, Tyreke's physicality sets him apart from other high school players. His explosiveness and pass-rushing skills have caught the attention of college recruiters. He has received impressive offers from Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State, USC, and Oregon, but instead of solely dreaming of an NFL career, Tyreke's priority is to find the right school.