Devin Leary - Timber Creek Quarterback - Highlights/Interview

Devin Leary, a talented athlete from Timber Creek High School in New Jersey, has made a name for himself in high school football. Despite being located in the southern part of the state, closer to Philadelphia, Leary has emerged as one of New Jersey's most skilled players. Not only has he achieved impressive numbers, but he has also led his team to two state championships. In the previous season, Leary faced the challenge of leading a team with many new starters. However, he surpassed expectations, proving that success is a collective effort. Coach Ensign, his coach, emphasized the significance of teamwork in achieving their ultimate goal of winning the state championship. The team's accomplishments in recent years have been nothing short of extraordinary, with numerous sectional and state titles. Leary's journey as a quarterback began at a young age, when his exceptional talent for throwing the football became evident. Despite initial skepticism, his parents believed in his abilities and convinced his coaches to give him a chance.