Emory Jones - Heard County Quarterback - Highlights/Interview

Emory's journey to Ohio State wasn't without challenges. Despite initially considering committing to another program, he reached out to the Buckeyes to express his desire to play for his dream school. Recognizing Emory's potential, Ohio State offered him a spot on the team. Emory's admiration for the Buckeyes stems from his idolization of Braxton Miller. He believes that the program's sense of family and Coach Meyer's leadership make it the perfect fit for him. In the small and tight-knit community of Franklin, Georgia, the love for Herd County High School football unites the residents. At the heart of their team is Emory Jones, known as one of the best quarterbacks in the country. Standing at six feet three inches and weighing 195 pounds, Emory is not just a dual-threat quarterback but also a pro-style pocket passer. He has the ability to make something out of nothing when things break down. Emory's talent has caught the attention of top colleges, with Ohio State being his dream school.