Spencer Rattler - Pinnacle Quarterback - Highlights/Interview

Spencer Rattler, the exceptional high school quarterback from Phoenix, Arizona, is causing a stir in the 2019 class. As the top quarterback at Pinnacle High School, standing at an impressive 6'1", Rattler has established himself as the frontrunner for the title of the nation's best quarterback. With his incredible accuracy and playmaking abilities, he earned the prestigious top quarterback honors at the opening tournament in Dallas. But Rattler's journey to football greatness wasn't always straightforward. Growing up, he explored various sports, even helping his high school basketball team secure a state championship. It was through these experiences that he discovered his true passion for football. With the guidance of his father and the development from being a multi-sport athlete, Rattler's quickness, cutting ability, and overall strength were enhanced, paving the way for his success on the gridiron. Join us in this captivating video as we delve into the rise of Spencer Rattler, a true phenomenon in the making.