Frank Ladson - South Dade Wide Receiver - Highlights/Interview

South Florida has a rich tradition of producing top NFL players, and Frank Ladson is the next rising star from the talented Miami area. With incredible speed and exceptional skills, Ladson has become an unstoppable force on the football field. His ability to adjust to the ball and make incredible catches sets him apart as a standout receiver. Coach Nate Hudson recognized Ladson's potential from the moment he joined South Dade High School's team and praises his work ethic and humility. But there's more to Ladson than just football. He values his faith and family above all else and spends Sundays attending Bible study at his grandmother's house. This grounding in faith keeps him humble and focused as he navigates the challenges of recruitment and school life. Get to know the remarkable story of Frank Ladson, a gifted athlete with big dreams, in this captivating video.