Diwun Black - Osceola Linebacker - Highlights/Interview

Introducing Dewan Black, a rising football star making waves in Orlando. Standing at an impressive 6 foot 4 inches and weighing 220 pounds, Dewan's athleticism and versatility on the field have turned heads at Osceola High School. Excelling at multiple positions, including linebacker, safety, and wide receiver, he is a formidable force with his speed and size. Dewan's passion for the game shines through his vocal presence on the field, constantly motivating teammates and engaging in friendly banter with opponents. Despite a few twists and turns along the way, with commitments to different colleges, Dewan's journey has now led him back to his original commitment with the Florida Gators. With his dedication and love for football, Dewan is ready to take his skills to the next level. Watch the video on this rising star as he showcases his impressive abilities and hear directly from Dewan about his journey and aspirations. Get inspired by his determination and witness why he is carving a path towards greatness in the football world.