Daxton Hill - Booker T. Washington Safety - Highlights/Interview

Introducing Jackson Hills, a rising star athlete from Tulsa Booker T Washington High School in Oklahoma. With exceptional skills as a safety, Jackson's versatility and dedication have earned him five-star recruit status and recognition as one of the country's top defensive back prospects. But what truly sets Jackson apart is the unbreakable bond he shares with his older brother and star running back, Justice, who plays for Oklahoma State. With their close relationship and countless hours of training together, rumors swirl that Jackson may follow in his brother's footsteps and commit to Oklahoma State. However, college football powerhouses like Oklahoma, Alabama, and Michigan are also vying for his commitment. Despite the attention, Jackson remains focused on making the best decision for himself and his family, ensuring that he chooses a school that aligns with his values and goals. Stay tuned to discover where this standout athlete will choose to continue his football journey.