Sean Dollars - Mater Dei Running Back - Highlights/Interview

Discover the incredible talent and thrilling football program of Santa Ana, California's modern-day high school. Renowned for consistently producing top college prospects, this school is a hotbed of championship contender teams. One of their star players is none other than running back Shawn Dollars, a hardworking and exceptionally skilled athlete. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 185 pounds, Dollars is a formidable force both as a runner and a receiver. With his ability to make big plays and his reliability with the ball, he poses a constant threat to opponents. His confidence and competitive spirit are evident in his on-field taunts after beating defenders. Looking onwards to his future, Shawn Dollars has already committed to play for the Oregon Ducks next season. He believes that the opportunities that await him in Eugene, Oregon, are truly endless. With the presence of Nike and its vast networking prospects, Dollars is buzzing with excitement. Despite his impending move, he remains focused on achieving another state championship ring before heading north. Get ready to witness the amazing talent of Shawn Dollars in this captivating video.