Question of the Day: What movie was filmed at The Westminster Schools in Georgia?

Discover the incredible journey of a talented high school athlete from the Westminster Schools in Georgia on the latest episode of "Sports Stars of Tomorrow." This remarkable individual has overcome countless hurdles, showcasing extraordinary football skills along the way. Their story serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and determination needed to conquer adversity. With unmatched potential from a young age, this athlete quickly became a standout player on their high school team, catching the attention of college scouts. Garnering offers from esteemed universities such as [mention specific colleges], it's clear that this young athlete is poised for an impactful collegiate career. An unforgettable moment in this athlete's journey came with their involvement in the critically acclaimed movie "The Blind Side." Released in 2009, this film tells the compelling story of NFL offensive lineman Michael Orr. Our featured athlete, along with fellow students and teachers from the Westminster Schools, had the extraordinary opportunity to act as extras in this iconic movie. This experience served as a catalyst, further igniting their passion for the game and propelling them towards even greater heights. Experience the incredible perseverance and determination that has shaped this athlete's remarkable path to success. Watch the inspiring video now!