Question of the Day: Defense and the Heisman Trophy

In this episode of "Sports Stars of Tomorrow," we delve into the inspiring journey of Charles Woodson, the only primarily defensive player to have ever won the Heisman Trophy. While other defensive players like Chase Young and Ndamukong Suh have come close in recent years, it was Manti Te'o of Notre Dame who received the most votes in 2012, securing a remarkable second place with 1706 votes. This recognition highlights Te'o's exceptional talent and the impact he made on the field. Join us on our YouTube channel as we bring you more captivating stories of high school athletes who are destined for greatness. Subscribe now to witness their journeys towards achieving their dreams. Each episode aims to inspire and uplift, showcasing the dedication, hard work, and determination that drive these remarkable athletes. Don't miss out on more incredible stories. Stay tuned for the next episode of "Sports Stars of Tomorrow."