Question of the Day: Austin Westlake Quarterbacks

Discover the illustrious history of quarterbacks at Austin Westlake High School in this captivating video. From legends like Drew Brees and Nick Foles to rising star Sam Ehlinger, this segment focuses on the incredible journey of one outstanding athlete. Graduating in 2017, Ehlinger's time at Westlake shaped him into an exceptional quarterback who then went on to dominate college football with the Texas Longhorns. His remarkable skills and natural leadership abilities have left a lasting impact on and off the field. Ehlinger's remarkable journey began at Westlake, where he cultivated his talent and stood out amongst his peers. His outstanding performances attracted the attention of college recruiters, leading him to join the Texas Longhorns. Throughout his college career, Ehlinger's athleticism and football IQ propelled him to become one of the nation's top quarterbacks. As excitement builds around the upcoming NFL draft, there is a palpable buzz surrounding Ehlinger's potential to leave an indelible mark in professional football. Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the extraordinary story of Sam Ehlinger's rise to success.