Patrick Surtain, Jr - American Heritage Cornerback - Interview

Patrick Surtain Jr., the son of former NFL player Patrick Surtain, is making waves in the football world as a top-ranked cornerback in the 2018 class. Standing at an impressive six feet two inches and weighing 180 pounds, Surtain Jr. possesses elite size that gives him a competitive edge. However, it's his exceptional instincts on the field that truly set him apart from his peers. With the ability to shut down one side of the field, Surtain Jr. has made a significant impact on his high school team, the American Heritage Patriots. Thanks to his contributions, the Patriots achieved an unbeaten season in 2016 and secured their third state championship in the past four seasons. This outstanding performance has not gone unnoticed, as Surtain Jr. has received offers from renowned college programs such as LSU, Florida State, Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State. Surtain Jr.'s father, who also happens to be the coach at American Heritage, has played a pivotal role in his son's development. Together, they have honed Surtain Jr.'s skills and nurtured his leadership qualities, shaping him into the exceptional player he is today. With an impressive track record and a promising future, it's evident that Patrick Surtain Jr. is a rising star in the world of football.