Mario Goodrich - Lee's Summit West Cornerback - Highlights/Interview

Introducing Mario Goodrich, a remarkable two-sport star from Kansas City. Although basketball was initially his passion, Mario's path took an unexpected turn when his football skills began gaining attention. Standing at an impressive six foot two, Mario quickly caught the attention of college recruiters with his cornerback abilities. Offers soon poured in from powerhouse football programs like Nebraska, Michigan, Georgia, and Oklahoma. This led Mario to realize that his future was on the gridiron, not the basketball court. As Mario's love for football grew, so did his dedication to the sport. His versatility shines through as he excels not only as a lockdown cornerback but also as a wide receiver and kick returner. He relishes the opportunity to make game-changing plays and thrives on being part of a team, celebrating their successes. Mario's commitment to conditioning and strength training has transformed him into a formidable defensive force, and his tackling skills have significantly improved over the years. Having committed to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Mario is eager to continue making an impact on the football field. He looks forward to showcasing his abilities and helping his team succeed in the seasons to come.