Kyle Ford - Orange Lutheran Wide Receiver - Highlights/Interview

Cal, a standout wide receiver from California, is making waves in the highly competitive Trinity League in Southern California. Standing at an impressive six-foot two-inches and weighing 215 pounds, Cal is known for his powerful frame, which he uses to dominate opposing defensive backs. Despite playing against some of the toughest football teams in the nation, Cal has thrived and is now ranked among the best prospects in the country. What sets Cal apart is not only his size, but also his impressive speed. He can easily beat defenders deep with his lightning-fast pace. Not to mention, Cal has the advantage of playing alongside South Carolina commit Brian Hillinski, one of the nation's top quarterbacks. The duo has been working tirelessly to improve their skills and their chemistry on the field. Cal's outstanding performance has not gone unnoticed by college recruiters. He has received offers from prestigious schools such as USC, UCLA, Oregon, Michigan, and Washington. However, Cal's main focus when choosing a college is on education and post-football opportunities. He understands the importance of having a backup plan and wants to ensure that he can excel both on and off the field. With his exceptional talent and dedication, Cal is poised for a bright future in football and beyond.