Update: Alyssa and Gisele Thompson of Harvard-Westlake Continue Their Rise in the Soccer World

The Thompson sisters, Alyssa and Giselle, are two remarkable rising soccer players from California. Alyssa, now a senior, made headlines when she was crowned Gatorade's National High School Player of the Year, despite her modest expectations. Reflecting on her achievement, she humbly acknowledged the many other talented athletes who could have received the honor. Meanwhile, Giselle, a junior, draws inspiration from her sister's success as she strives to improve her own game. What sets the Thompson sisters apart is not only their undeniable talent, but also their strong bond as training partners. With just 13 months separating them in age, they have always supported and pushed each other to excel. This unity proved crucial when they decided to challenge themselves by joining boys' teams. Initially feeling out of place, they learned to adapt and thrive, further fueling their exceptional soccer journey.