Makai Lemon of Los Alamitos High School is Dynamic Playmaker and a USC Commit

Meet Makai Lemon, one of California's top athletes in the 2023 class. Known for his remarkable speed and athleticism, Lemon can contribute across multiple positions on the football field, from wide receiver to defensive back and safety. His talent has left even his coaches in awe, making him a dream player for any coach. Lemon's competitive nature drives him to push himself against the best in the game. At Los Alamitos High School, Lemon stands out among the major Division I prospects in Southern California. Forming a dynamic duo with Five-Star Quarterback Malachi Nelson, Lemon's speed and Nelson's arm create a formidable force on the field. Known for his ability to score touchdowns and make game-changing plays, Lemon has gained a strong following of fans and attracted the attention of college scouts. Don't miss out on the chance to witness Lemon's exceptional skills in action.