Terese Romeo - Freedom High School Golf - Highlights/Interview

Teresa Romeo, a rising star in the world of golf, has taken the sport by storm. Discovering her passion after receiving a club as a Christmas gift, Teresa's love for the game has only grown stronger over the past six years. With the guidance of the First Tee of Tampa Bay, she has cultivated an impressive short game prowess that has caught the attention of professionals like Don Ko Jones. Despite facing setbacks along the way, including a broken wrist and subsequent surgery, Teresa's determination has never wavered. In her sophomore year, she even defied the odds by playing with one hand and qualifying for districts, ultimately taking first place in both district and regional competitions. Now, with two healthy seasons ahead of her, Teresa's coach believes she has a strong chance of making it all the way to the state championships and even playing college golf at the Division I level. But Teresa's passion for the game extends beyond personal success. Inspired by her late mentor, professional golfer Colleen Walker, she aspires to become a mentor herself. Through the First Tee, Teresa hopes to teach and inspire young players, passing on her love for the game and helping them develop their skills. With her talent and unwavering dedication, there's no doubt that Teresa Romeo is destined to make a lasting impact in the world of golf.