T.J. Finley - Ponchatoula Quarterback - Highlights/Interview

Introducing TJ Findlay, the towering and talented quarterback prospect from Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Standing at an imposing 6 feet 6 inches and 245 pounds, Findlay's physical attributes make him a sought-after recruit for colleges searching for a dominant offensive force. But it's not just his stature that sets him apart; it's his remarkable skills and leadership qualities that have garnered him praise as one of Louisiana's top prospects. Findlay's dedication to his teammates and his calm and collected demeanor on and off the field make him a true standout. He prioritizes helping his fellow players improve, embodying what it means to be a leader. His exceptional talent has earned him recognition and an invitation to the prestigious Elite 11 competition. Findlay's commitment to his home state is unwavering, as he has chosen to play college football for [insert college name here]. Don't miss the chance to witness Findlay's prowess and leadership unfold on the field. Watch the video to catch a glimpse of this remarkable quarterback prospect who is destined for greatness.