Chandler McGruder - IMG Academy Running Back - Interview

Introducing Chandler Magruder, a rising star in high school football from IMG Academy in Florida. Despite playing behind some all-Americans during his early seasons, Magruder has consistently found ways to contribute to his team. His hard work and determination earned him a starting spot as a sophomore, but it was during his junior year, when he had to adjust to being a third-string player, that he truly showed his resilience. Magruder approached every practice and game with the mindset of a starter, which allowed him to seize every opportunity to showcase his skills. As a blue-collar player, Magruder has impressed his coaches with his unselfishness and dedication. Whether starting or playing second string, he has always been a leader on and off the field, providing encouragement and support to his teammates. Beyond his athletic achievements, Magruder's story serves as a testament to the value of hard work and determination in the face of adversity. Join us in this Sports Car Spotlight video to learn more about Chandler Magruder's inspiring journey and how he has become a true role model for young athletes everywhere.