Covington Catholic Tight End Michael Mayer Highlights & Interview

Discover the incredible talent of Michael Mayer, the exceptional tight end from Covington Catholic near Cincinnati. With his exceptional stats last season, including over 1,000 yards, 46 catches, and 12 touchdowns, Mayer's on-field skills are impossible to ignore. But it was at a national level that Mayer truly stood out, earning the prestigious title of MVP in a seven-on-seven tournament featuring the finest prospects in the nation. Standing an impressive 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 235 pounds, Mayer's physical presence on the field is unrivaled. Renowned for his blocking and pass-catching abilities, he is a valuable asset to any team's offense. Notably, Mayer is also an outstanding basketball player, but has recently made the decision to focus solely on football. After graduating in December, he will be heading to South Bend, Indiana, to join the prestigious Notre Dame Fighting Irish, known for their history of producing remarkable tight ends who thrive in the sport. Don't miss out on witnessing the exceptional skills of this rising star. Watch the video now!