Shane Buechele - Arlington Lamar Quarterback - Highlights/Interviews

Introducing Shane Buechele, the standout quarterback from Arlington Lamar High School in Texas. With an impressive ability to adapt to Lamar's up-tempo offense, Shane quickly became one of the top arms in the 2016 class. His exceptional mechanics, instincts, and arm strength have gained the attention of coaches and scouts nationwide. But Shane's standout qualities aren't limited to his skills on the field. Coaches and teammates admire Shane's leadership and character, something he learned from his father, Steve Buechele, a former MLB player and current Texas Rangers bench coach. Shane's observation of his father's coaching style and leadership has shaped his own approach to the game. Although he excels in baseball too, playing quarterback is Shane's priority. With his impressive skills and outstanding character, Shane is sure to make a lasting impact in the world of football.