Brandon Wellington - Eastside Catholic Cornerback - Highlights/Interviews

In 2014, Eastside Catholic football made history by winning their first-ever state title, stunning the highly ranked Bellevue program. The team's strong sense of community and belief in each other propelled them to a convincing 35-13 victory, despite being the underdogs. One standout player, junior Brandon Wellington, played a significant role on offense and defense, scoring three touchdowns. Wellington's exceptional talent and commitment to the team's plan showcased his versatility and respect for his coaches. This victory defied the skeptics who doubted their abilities, highlighting the hard work and dedication put in by Wellington and his teammates. Wellington's journey to success was accompanied by challenges. His family faced financial hardships while remaining close-knit and supportive. However, when Wellington's mother experienced health problems and went into kidney failure, the family had to come together even more. Despite her health issues, Wellington's mother has always been a pillar of support in his life. This inspiring story of Eastside Catholic's triumph over adversity, led by the exceptional talent of Brandon Wellington, is a testament to the power of community, dedication, and resilience.