Allen Eagles Football - Highlights

Trinity High School's recent victory against De La Salle has propelled them back onto the national radar, establishing them as a formidable force in Texas high school football. However, the Allen Eagles have reigned as the top team in the state for the past three years, and despite losing their star quarterback Tyler Murray to graduation, they remain strong contenders for yet another championship. The addition of transfer quarterback Seth Green, committed to Oregon, has provided a significant boost to their already formidable offense. Nevertheless, it appears that junior Mitch Junkie, who recently showcased his talent with five touchdown passes in a dominating win over Denton Guyer, will fill the starting quarterback position. An integral part of the Eagles' success lies in the hands of Greg Little, a massive offensive lineman standing at an imposing six foot five and weighing 305 pounds. Widely regarded as one of the nation's top players, Little's presence on the field ensures the quarterback's protection and enhances the team's offensive capabilities. With their talented roster, including Green and Little, the Allen Eagles are poised to uphold their championship legacy and dominate the Texas high school football scene once again.