Reggie Grimes - Ravenwood Defensive End - Highlights/Interview

"Reggie Grimes: The Versatile High School Prospect Catching College Scouts' Attention" Reggie Grimes, the top-ranked prospect in Tennessee, is making waves in his senior season at Ravenwood High School. This all-American pass rusher is not just excelling on the field, but also showing incredible versatility by playing multiple positions including running back, Wildcat quarterback, and receiver. His speed and skills off the edge have caught the attention of college scouts, ranking him among the best in the 2020 class. But Reggie's aspirations go beyond football – he aims to follow in his father's footsteps, who played at Alabama and spent a season in the NFL. With his focus on mechanical engineering, he is on the lookout for a top-tier college that offers both academic excellence and a strong football program. The wait for his college commitment won't be long, as Reggie plans to announce his decision on Thanksgiving Day. Watch the video to learn more about this promising young talent who could soon be making headlines at the collegiate level.