Question of the Day, Presented by Wooter Apparel: Tennessee Records

Discover the incredible journey of Tyler Bray, an exceptional high school football player, in this episode of "Sports Stars of Tomorrow." While his name might not hold the same legendary status as Peyton Manning, Bray's achievements on the field are just as remarkable. Holding the record for most passing yards in a single game for the University of Tennessee, Bray threw an astonishing 530 yards against Troy in 2012, surpassing Manning's previous record of 523 yards. His incredible skill and record-breaking performance have undeniably made him a standout in the spotlight. With such exceptional abilities, Bray's future is filled with immense potential. College recruiters are surely keeping a close eye on this talented high school athlete, as he is bound to earn a spot on a college football team known for nurturing extraordinary talents. As Bray continues to develop his skills, there is no doubt that he is destined for greatness on and off the field. Don't miss out on this captivating episode that dives into the extraordinary journey of Tyler Bray, a player who is making waves in the football world.