Question of the Day, Presented by Wooter Apparel - Colleges of USWNT

Discover the extraordinary journey of five exceptional athletes from North Carolina who made their mark in the 2019 US Women's World Cup team. Crystal Dunn, Ashlyn Harris, Tobin Heath, Allie Long, and Jessica McDonald all honed their skills at the renowned University of North Carolina, known for producing top-tier female soccer players. This video showcases their inspiring transformation from high school stars to successful collegiate athletes, ultimately representing their country on the grandest stage of them all. Each of these talented athletes took their own unique path to success. Crystal Dunn, displaying her versatility on the field, proved her worth at the University of North Carolina before becoming an indispensable member of the US Women's World Cup team. Ashlyn Harris, a remarkable goalkeeper, honed her craft at UNC, showcasing crucial saves that made all the difference during the tournament. Tobin Heath, renowned for her technical prowess and creative flair, also emerged from the University of North Carolina's soccer program. Join us as we delve into their incredible journeys and celebrate their remarkable achievements on the world stage.