Ohio State Buckeye Great Mike Doss Selected to National High School Football Hall of Fame

Former NFL defensive lineman Mike Doss shares his incredible journey from growing up next to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to becoming a Hall of Famer himself. Raised in Canton, Ohio, Doss's connection to football greatness began at an early age, playing home games at the prestigious Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. His exceptional high school career earned him recognition from the National High School Football Hall of Fame, where he helped his team clinch consecutive state championships. Doss's winning mentality and drive for success were nurtured during his time at McKinley Senior High School. This foundation propelled him to achieve remarkable accomplishments, including winning a national title with the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2002 and a Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts. He attributes his winning mindset and understanding of what it takes to succeed to his high school experience, emphasizing the value of teamwork, camaraderie, and the relentless pursuit of victory. With his remarkable achievements as a three-time All-American with the Buckeyes, Doss proudly shares his story, inspiring others to embrace the same mindset and principles that have helped him reach the pinnacle of success in football. Watch the video to learn more about Doss's journey from a small town to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.