Nick Bosa - St. Thomas Aquinas DE - Highlights/Interviews

Meet Nick Posen, the rising star of high school football and the younger brother of NFL prospect Joey Posen. Standing tall at 6'4" and weighing 265 pounds, Nick is a force to be reckoned with on the field. With a family legacy to live up to, Nick has learned valuable lessons from his father and uncle, former first-round picks for the Miami Dolphins. As a standout player for the St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders, one of the top-ranked high school football programs, Nick has led his team with an impressive defensive prowess. Last season, he played a vital role in the team's dominance, allowing only seven or fewer points in 13 out of 15 games. His exceptional decision-making and unwavering work ethic have earned him the respect of his teammates and the reputation of a true leader. Beyond his football prowess, Nick is also a dedicated student with a 4.0-grade point average. Off the field, he showcases his commitment and determination in all aspects of his life. With an imposing presence and impressive athleticism, Nick Posen is poised to make a name for himself in the world of football, following in the footsteps of his accomplished family members.