Matt Lynch - Legacy Quarterback - Highlights/Interview

Meet Matt Lynch, a talented high school football player with a deep family connection to the sport. His grandfather played for the Denver Broncos, inspiring a love for football in the Lynch family. Now it's Matt's turn to shine as a quarterback. Standing tall at 6'5", Matt has grown physically and mentally to become a dual-threat quarterback, excelling in both pocket passes and running plays. He's a vital part of his team's game plans and aims to have fun while winning games. Originally planning to attend Colorado State, Matt had a change of heart and committed to UCLA after the departure of his father's alma mater's coach. With his undeniable talent, Matt is set to make a mark on the gridiron. Get ready to witness the skills of Matt Lynch, a high school football sensation with a family lineage deeply rooted in the sport. Inspired by his grandfather's time on the Denver Broncos, Matt discovered his true calling as a quarterback before entering high school. Now at an impressive 6'5", he has grown both physically and mentally, excelling in pocket passes and running plays alike. As a key player in his team's strategies, Matt combines his passion for the game with a desire to win. Initially planning to follow in his father's footsteps at Colorado State, Matt had a change of heart and ultimately committed to UCLA. With his undeniable talent, Matt is primed to leave a lasting mark in the world of football.