Kris Silbaugh - Cambridge Springs Wide Receiver - Highlights

Meet Chris Silva, the extraordinary wide receiver from Cambridge Springs High School in Pennsylvania. Despite being born with only one hand, Chris has shattered barriers and surpassed expectations throughout his high school football journey. Recently, he made history by breaking his school's career record for receiving yards, surpassing an impressive 915 yards. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to Chris's determination and skill. Chris's incredible athleticism is evident in his towering height of six feet two inches and his impressive speed, with a 44-second 40-yard dash time. With his right hand, he has mastered the art of catching the ball and secures it with his left arm, proving that nothing can hold him back. Not only does Chris excel as a wide receiver, but he also showcases his versatility by playing as a defensive back for his team, the Devils. His exceptional performance on the field has propelled his team into playoff contention and highlights his impact and leadership. Witness Chris Silva's awe-inspiring journey as he defies expectations and showcases his exceptional skills as a wide receiver and defensive back. This remarkable athlete's determination and talent have made him a force to be reckoned with on the field, breaking records and inspiring those around him. Join us as we celebrate Chris's accomplishments and look forward to his bright future in football.