KJ Costello - Santa Margarita Catholic - Highlights/Interviews

KJ Costello, the impressive 6'4" quarterback from Santa Margarita High School in Southern California, is making waves on and off the field. With his powerful arm and ability to throw over 3,100 yards in a single season, he is already capturing the attention of college recruiters. But what truly sets him apart is his exceptional work ethic and dedication to film study. Costello believes that his commitment to studying the game in the classroom is what separates him from other blue-chip prospects. Not only is Costello a standout athlete, but he also excels academically with a remarkable 4.2 GPA. He understands the importance of balancing academics and athletics, and he has chosen Stanford as his college of choice. Recognizing that a football career may not last forever, Costello is determined to have a strong backup plan. Stanford, known for its prestigious academics, provides him with the perfect opportunity to pursue both his athletic dreams and his long-term goals.