Kaden Smith - Marcus Tight End - Highlights/Interviews

Caden Smyth, a standout tight end from Marcus High School in Texas, is gaining recognition as one of the nation's top players in his position. Standing at an impressive 6 foot 5 inches, weighing 235 pounds, and possessing the total package of strength, athleticism, and sure hands, Caden's skills go far beyond his record-breaking feat of most one-handed catches in a minute. His dedication and leadership on and off the field make him an invaluable asset to his team. As one of the hardest workers and a great motivator, Caden aims to lead his team to victory and elevate the play of his teammates, with aspirations of making the playoffs and bringing senior players to step up their game. Looking ahead, Caden has committed himself to his future success, which makes him an exciting player to watch.