Journey to Greatness: Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

In this inspiring episode of "Journey to Greatness," we explore the incredible journey of hometown hero Joe Mauer in the Twin Cities. Mauer, now a beloved athlete in Minnesota, started his path to greatness at St. Paul's Creighton Durham Hall. Before becoming an all-star catcher for the Twins, Mauer made a name for himself as the starting quarterback for the Raiders, making waves as a two-sport legend. During his senior year, Mauer's talent truly shined as he threw an impressive 41 touchdown passes, leading his team to a state championship victory. His remarkable skills caught the attention of many, as he was named the USA Today national player of the year, cementing his status as one of the best in the game. Mauer's high school football career was so exceptional that even Florida State took notice, considering offering him a football scholarship to their prestigious university. However, fate had different plans for Mauer when the Twins ultimately chose him as the number one pick in the draft.