Journey to Greatness: Mike Singletary

Discover the inspiring story of one of the greatest linebackers in NFL history, Mike Singletary, in this week's episode of "Journey to Greatness." Despite not fitting the mold with his height, Singletary's unwavering passion for the game propelled him to become a legend on the field. With over 1,300 tackles and 10 Pro Bowl appearances, his impressive career spanned 12 impactful years. Singletary's journey began in Houston, Texas, where his love for football was ignited in the mid-1970s. Standing under six feet tall, he faced doubters who questioned his ability to make it at the highest level. However, a pivotal encounter with former NFL player Durfee Thompson only fueled his determination further. Together with the famous 1985 Bears defense, Singletary created a legacy of excellence that solidified their status as one of the best defensive units ever assembled. Don't miss this captivating episode that celebrates the relentless spirit and extraordinary achievements of Mike Singletary.