Jaquaze Sorrells - Winter Park Defensive Lineman - Highlights/Interview

Meet De Quest Shirelles, an incredible young football player from Winter Park High School who is making a name for himself in Orlando. Known for his exceptional skills, Shirelles has become a formidable opponent for quarterbacks. His journey in football began at Largo High School, where his natural strength and aggressiveness made him a perfect fit for the sport. Standing at an impressive six feet three inches tall and weighing 290 pounds, Shirelles has always been the biggest kid in school. However, beyond his intimidating presence on the field, Shirelles is admired for his humility, sensitivity, and generosity. Despite his success as a high school athlete, Shirelles remains grounded and focused on his future. He has already caught the attention of top college programs, receiving offers from renowned schools such as South Carolina, Oregon, Alabama, LSU, and Penn State. Shirelles aims to continue his football journey while maintaining his humility and determination. So join us as we explore the incredible talent and inspiring story of De Quest Shirelles in this captivating video.