Dylan Morris - Graham Kapowsin Quarterback - Highlights/Interview

Dylan Morris, the talented young quarterback from Graham-Kapowsin High School in Washington, is taking the high school football world by storm. Inspired by his older brother and fueled by his passion for the sport, Dylan's natural talent and football intelligence propelled him to the top. He became the starting quarterback as a freshman and quickly made a name for himself on the field. What sets Dylan apart is not only his skill but also his exceptional leadership qualities and selflessness. He strives not only to win but also to motivate and uplift his teammates, making him a true team player. His dedication and hard work have paid off, leading to impressive records and catching the attention of college recruiters. Ultimately, Dylan's extraordinary journey takes him to the University of Washington, where he will fulfill his lifelong dream and honor the memory of his late grandfather. With his commitment, Dylan is set to make an even bigger impact on college football and continue to inspire others with his remarkable talent and character.