Chris Hinton, Myles Hinton - Greater Atlanta Christian - Interview

In this week's episode of Sports Stars of Tomorrow, we meet Chris Hinton Jr. and Miles Hinton, the talented sons of former NFL lineman Chris Hinton. Both brothers are exceptional athletes with a passion for football, following in their father's footsteps. Despite their parents' hopes for basketball careers, it's evident that their true athletic futures lie on the football field. Chris, a standout defensive lineman, has already made a name for himself in high school football. Known for his explosive power and quickness, he has earned a spot in the prestigious All-American Bowl in January. Coaches and scouts are impressed by his physicality, competitiveness, and unwavering drive to succeed. Chris's recruitment journey has been filled with excitement, catching the attention of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh during his freshman year. Over the years, Chris's interest in Michigan grew, leading to him eventually committing to the university. Don't miss this episode as we delve into the journey of these outstanding young athletes and explore the exciting world of high school football.