Jabrill Peppers - Paramus Catholic Cornerback - Highlights/Interview

Meet Jabril Peppers, one of America's most talented high school football players, who is making waves at Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus, New Jersey. With his game-changing speed and incredible shut-down skills, Peppers is not only a force on the field but also a captivating presence off it. Despite facing challenges and bad influences while growing up in East Orange, New Jersey, Peppers found solace and guidance in his brother, Don Curtis. Tragically, Curtis was shot and killed in 2010, leaving a lasting impact on Peppers' life. Determined to avoid a similar fate, Peppers immersed himself in academics and football, starting his high school journey at Don Bosco Prep. Discover the inspiring story of how Peppers overcame adversity and developed into one of the most exceptional high school football players in the Northeast.