Glenville High School Football - Highlights/Interviews

Glenville High School in Cleveland, Ohio has gained a reputation for producing exceptional football players, thanks to head coach Ted Ginn Sr.'s leadership. Notable alumni, such as Ted Ginn Jr., Dante Whitner, and Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith, have brought recognition to the school. This year, Coach Ginn has the privilege of mentoring three talented all-Americans: Marshall Lattimore, Eric Smith, and Marcellus Jones. Marshall Lattimore is a versatile athlete who excels in multiple positions, including receiver, corner, and running back. With a keen eye for seizing opportunities and an unwavering determination to achieve his goals, Lattimore is a force to be reckoned with on the field. Eric Smith, a standout defensive back, showcases exceptional versatility and an unwavering commitment to improving his technique. Lastly, Marcellus Jones, an imposing offensive lineman standing at six foot four and 350 pounds, possesses unmatched athletic ability for his size. These three outstanding athletes have been selected to play in the upcoming game, showcasing their exceptional skills and contributing to Glenville High School's legacy. Watch the video to witness the talent and dedication that has made this school's football program renowned throughout the nation.