Emery Dupes of Walton Volleyball Talks about Winning, her Viral Moment, and Florida State

Emery Dupes, a standout player for the Walton Raiders volleyball team in Atlanta, has become a true star in the sport. With an impressive record of nine state titles in the last 10 seasons, the responsibility on Walton's program is immense, and Emery has stepped up to the challenge. Benefiting from playing with high-level athletes and under the guidance of an exceptional coach, Emery's game has thrived, thanks to a solid foundation laid through a strong middle school program and the Raider Rascals program for elementary school kids. Emery's journey has been marked by defining moments, including a remarkable play in 2019 that landed her on ESPN's top 10 plays. Going up against the number one ranked team in the nation, Emery showcased her exceptional skills and unwavering determination, proving her talent on a national stage. However, her success goes well beyond viral moments. With three state championships already won, Emery is a highly sought-after college prospect. In fact, she committed to playing for the Florida State Seminoles as a freshman, solidifying her status as a rising star in the volleyball world.