Arizona Linebacker Commit D.J. Fryar Wants Another Shot at State with Steilacoom High School

Are you ready to meet DJ Fryer, the talented high school athlete from Stillicom, Washington? This star linebacker is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get back on the field and showcase his skills once again. Supported by a tight-knit community, DJ thrives on the strong backing he receives from those around him. Last season, he played a crucial role in helping Stillicom reach the state championship game, displaying his impressive physicality and speed as a linebacker. His ability to read plays and cover ground from sideline to sideline truly sets him apart. But that's not all - DJ's versatility extends to offense too, catching the attention of college recruiters and earning him numerous scholarship offers. He has committed to the University of Arizona, where he is expected to continue shining on the football field. DJ's decision was influenced by the personal connection he felt with the coaching staff, comparing it to talking to his own father. With his strong sense of community and immense talent, DJ Fryer is a player worth watching out for.